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PAWS believes the number one way to stop the overpopulation of unwanted animals is to spay and neuter your pets.  We spay/neuter all dogs and cats that enter our program before adoption.  We also have an assistance program for citizens of Lauderdale, Colbert, and Franklin counties that meet certain requirements.  Eligibility is based on financial need and funds available in our program.

If you need assistance with spaying or neutering your pet, please fill out the application below.


Stray/feral cats are humanely trapped, taken to the vet to be spayed/neutered, then released back to the area from which they were trapped and cared for by kind citizens.


TNR is promoted by the ASPCA as a humane and more effective alternative to euthanasia for managing and reducing feral/stray cat populations.


Over time, populations decrease because no new litters of unwanted kittens are being born.

PAWS provides the use of traps and financial assistance if needed.


Keep innocent cats and kittens out of shelters! If you would like to request assistance with TNR, please fill out the application below.

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Fostering is an integral part of our organization as it allows us to place abandoned, orphaned, or surrendered dogs and cats into loving homes while they wait for a permanent adoptive family.  PAWS provides the foster person with all things needed to care for the animal. The more foster homes we have, the more animals we are able to save!

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent for a pet in need, please fill out the application below.


Adoption Fees:

Puppies $250 - includes all puppy shots & spay/neuter

Dogs $200 - includes up to date vaccinations & spay/neuter

Cats $75 - includes up to date vaccinations & spay/neuter

If you are interested in adopting a new furry friend, click the link below to view the pets available for adoption in our area. Then please complete the adoption application.

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