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Dog & Cat Pals

Adoption Fees

Puppies $250
Dogs $200 
Cats $75

includes all puppy shots and spay/neuter

includes up to date vaccinations and spay/neuter 

includes up to date vaccinations and spay/neuter 

Adoption Application

Please allow 24 to 48 for a response. Thank you!

What is your preferred method of contact?
Do you have a Facebook?
Employment Status
Are there children living in your household?
Have you considered the financial cost of pet ownership and are you financially able to give your pet the required routine medical care?
Have you owned a pet in the past?
Have you ever had to rehome or surrender a pet?
Have you ever adopted a rescue pet?
Do you currently have any pets?
If you have pets (currently or in the past) are they spayed/neutered?
Are your pets up to date on vaccinations?
Do you rent or own?
If you rent, can you furnish a notarized letter from your landlord granting you permission to have pets on the property?
How will your dog be let outside? (Check all that apply)
Approximately how long will your pet be left home alone daily?
Do you agree that the animal will be returned to PAWS if you are unable to care for it for any reason?

Thanks for submitting!

Disclaimer: If upon inspection, PAWS find information in this application to be false, PAWS retains the right to refuse the adoption or remove the animal from your premises without a refund of fees paid. PAWS reserves the right to refuse an application for whatever reason it deems fit.

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